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Positioning second/third Pearls Hexic Challenge - highest point game

About 3 years ago I started playing hexic. Took about 3 months to develop a strategy and sometime in the sixth month of playing I won my first game. What a thrill. Went thru a 3 month addiction phase trying to win a second game. Now I play a game maybe once a month. Have cable access, so game may be up for 3 days at a time. Play for an hour and continue the next day or so until I get bombed out.

With some practice and patience, you too can develop a strategy to win at hexic. Within a short time, two pearls will be your minimum expectation with a game. At level 6 and 7, both luck (right color tile falling) and understanding bombs and positioning stars for pearl cluster will go a long way. But we all know the reality of the game Bombs Away and there was nothing we could do about it. The right color tiles did not fall. Everytime I have played there have been between 800 to 1100 others playing hexic online. I would estimate at least a million worldwide have played the game. is a good strategy and learning site for those that play hexic HD on Xbox Live. Gems is a spinoff timed matching tile game, although I think there is more strategy in hexic.

Hexic is a game to enjoy - not get frustrated over


I had the idea of making a hexic strategy folder in the middle of a game. Took a screen shot (press ctrl key and prt scr key - will be in clipboard) and pasted it into an image editing program (Corel Paint Shop Pro). I cropped so just hexic game showed and reduced pic. Saved as a jpeg file. Illustrations are worth a thousand words. If you would like to email this page to a friend, click here.

This challenge of posting your highest point game is open to all players. Download a freeware image editing program called Irfanview to crop and resize the screen shots to 376 x 308 pixels (somewhere in that range). I will add your pages to this hexic area of site for free. Email me and we will go from there.

This is a fun challenge - winner of highest point game gets braggin rights - nothing more, nothing less

Notes on Hexic scoring:

star: 1,000 points x level
star (with color star tile): points x 2
star (with 2 color star tiles): points x 4
pearl (level 1,2,3,4): 10,000 points x level
pearl (level 5,6,7): 50,000 points
stars around pearl: points x 2
win game (level 6): 150,000 points
win game (level 7): 175,000 points

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